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The Surf

The Backyard
Depending on the conditions can range from novice to expert. It's basically a beach break that peels both right and left.

Troconones Point
A 10 minutes walk north on the beach will take you to Manzanillo Bay which is a beautiful left hand rocky reef point. The waves can range from intermediate to expert depending on the conditions. On ideal days it produces a thick, hollow, and challenging wave that can produce some killer tube rides...but beware of the rocks!

Playa Saladita
Playa Saladita is a perfect point break with a nice channel and plenty of room to move around. Tucked into a little pocket of the coastline, the wave is very well protected from onshore winds and when other places are blown out you can keep surfing here!

Tide doesn't change the wave much at Saladita, so again, you can surf all day here. It's not uncommon to get 3-4 sessions each day. Just a short walk and an easy (but long) paddle out to the top of the point.

It's always a good idea to bring a fish or longboard in the quiver at Saladita so you can keep catching waves no matter how big or small the swell.

The Ranch
The Ranch is one of Mexico best surf spots. A left and right pointbreak that produces some powerful and perfect waves.

Surfing Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo
There are plenty of waves in the surrounding areas.  Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo offer a wide range of breaks.  One break, Playa Linda is located in Ixtapa and is a fun beach break that offers playful rights and lefts.  You may find a crowd here on the weekends and beware after a rain.  For more info on this area check

(832) 445-7310

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